The Most Complicated Sky-Dweller Watch Fake Rolex Ever Made

The Sky-Dweller is a rare watch in several ways. First, it is rare because it is always in demand, although we have no less than three fine examples for sale at the time of writing. Secondly, it’s rare because it was designed from scratch for something different. Typically, Rolex designs watch for professionals and divide its watches into “Classic” and “Professional” designations on its website, but most of these exact replica watches have been around for decades.

The Sky-Dweller was never designed as a professional tool to be worn by experienced pilots and aircrews; that has been the role of the GMT-Master since its introduction in 1954. Instead, the Sky-Dweller is designed for people who use airplanes for travel, i.e., passengers, who may still want to do some time zone spoofing but don’t need the scientific instrument vibe of GMT.
Interestingly, the Sky-Dweller has the most in common with the last model, the Yacht-Master II. Both watches are examples of Rolex thinking outside the box. While most models stay within the preconceptions of Rolex design, the Sky-Dweller and Yacht-Master II demonstrate a creative flair. In addition, both models use the bezel as part of the movement control system, although they serve different purposes.ef

All Sky-Dwellers are equipped with the caliber 9001. This is a Manufacture Super Chronometer, tested to +/- 2 seconds per day. This automatic movement also has an extraordinarily long power reserve of 72 hours, surpassing most of the popular mechanical movements sold on the market today, which are typically 40 hours. As is typical for Rolex, the movement is concealed by a closed case back.
While the Sky-Dweller may not have the iconic presidential strap of the Day-Date, the extra-long history of the Datejust, or the iconic customer base of the Daytona, it is undeniably a classic in the Rolex lineup and it would be strange if it wasn’t there. To see our collection of best swiss replica watches in person, contact us and schedule a viewing, and one of our experts will help you find the perfect timepiece.


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