It’s no secret that vintage Rolex watches are sought after on the pre-owned market, and their popularity has exploded in recent years. If you’re new to this market, you may have questions about vintage Rolex watches, whether you’re buying, selling, or just curious.

What exactly is a vintage Rolex? How much is a vintage Rolex worth? How can you tell if a vintage Rolex is real or fake? Where is the best place to sell vintage Rolex watches? If these are some of the things you’ve wondered about, go ahead and delve into our vintage Rolex guide to find the answers to your burning questions.

Many vintage best swiss replica watches have common design features that you can look out for. For example, the type of luminescent material used before 1992 was tritium. Luminous materials were not adopted until the late 1990s. Vintage Rolex watches that have a tritium lacquered dial will usually have a marker below the 6 o’clock marker that says: “Swiss-T <25", "T Swiss Made T", or "T SWISS T". Another hallmark of vintage Rolexes is the type of crystal used. Many (but not all) vintage Rolex watches made in the early 1980s and before use acrylic crystals rather than the sapphire crystals commonly found on modern luxury watches. vb
Rolex vintage watches have a reputation for being expensive. After all, it’s the million-dollar sales that make the headlines. While it is accurate that certain vintage watches command eye-popping prices in the vintage market, this is not necessarily true for all watches.

The price of a vintage Rolex watch can vary greatly depending on the model, reference, year of production, provenance and of course condition. Also, keep in mind that searching online for watch models and references will not necessarily give you the most accurate results for the current market value of your particular watch. Many details can affect the price of a vintage Rolex watch.

Several ways to sell a vintage Rolex watch include finding a private buyer, listing it on an auction site, or taking it to a pawn shop. However, the quickest, safest, and easiest way to sell a vintage Rolex watch is to take it to a professional company that has experience with vintage Rolex watches.

This is a specialized market, and you want to make sure your potential buyer understands all the intricacies and intrinsic value of a high-end old mechanical watch. Pawn stores will give you low prices, auction sites usually charge high fees, and it’s not safe to deal with strangers who don’t represent legitimate companies – either online or on site. Safety first!

Vintage Rolex Submariner – 1680
Who buys vintage Rolex watches in Philadelphia?
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